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JusticeConnect Cloud Announced

Fri, May 01, 2015

Managed JusticeConnect Cloud is available for scheduled deployment. Offering an immediate path for your agency to leverage the features of JusticeConnect without requiring an on-site dedicated server to house the secure software environment.This system has been created to allow smaller agencies to have access to the new technology provided with the JusticeConnect product.

Standard features are primarily the same as the on-premise version of JusticeWeb. For agencies looking for a flat per/user annual cost with no additional hardware or licensing, this solution is for you.

No CAD/RMS/CJI data is stored in the "Cloud" environment.

The JusticeConnect Cloud system connects securely back to your agency specific CMI and FORSECOM SQL Databases using FIPS140-2 encryption to act as a proxy connector to allow your mobile users access to CMI Justice. 

 Printable version of diagram. pdf Document

Contact Us  to schedule a DEMO and for detailed pricing.

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