About Us

About iFocus Consulting

Why choose Us.

iFocus Consulting is a network consulting and software development company based in Astoria, Oregon. We specialize in enterprise networking, best-in-class responsive website design, custom application development, content management systems, and managed hosting.

Our Specialties.

With experience managing Public Safety agencies technology and Computer Dispatch (CAD) and Records Management Systems(RMS), iFocus has staffing to provide CJIS Compliance Auditing and continuity mitigation services.

Our Products.

Our JusticeConnect platform provides a path for secure CJIS compliant communication between mobile devices and back-end agency SQL server systems. Custom controls and an extensible API allow for integration of external data sources, GIS layers and communication systems.

President & Founder

Chris Womack

Chris founded iFocus Consulting in 1999. Originally he began with developing websites and providing hosting services for businesses in the local area Oregon. Over 19 years later, Chris oversees the development of software and consultancy services provided for our clients.