Remote Support

Remote Support Services

For our managed care customers we provide Remote Support Services with our iFocus Support application or with the Microsoft Quick Assist software.

iFocus Support Teamviewer Option


This software allows us to provide technical assistance with direct interaction to you computer without the need of an onsite visit.

The software utilizes a custom TeamViewer QuickSupport account to provide an encrypted and secure connection into your environment.

Once downloaded you will see a prompt similar to the image below.
Simply click to Run.


When opened you should see the following screen:


 After installation you will find the iFocus Support shortcut on your desktop for future use.

Other Support Software
Looking for our TeamViewer Full Version Installation Link? Click here

Microsoft Quick Support Option

Alternative support can be provided with the Microsoft Quick Support software that is installed by default on Windows 11 and can be manually installed on Windows 10.

  1. Select Start , enter Quick Assist, then select it in the list of results (or press the Windows key  + Ctrl + Q).
    Open Quick Assist

  2. In the Code from assistant box, enter the 6-digit code that our support team member will give you, then select Submit.

  3. To allow the connection and start sharing your screen, select Allow.

  4. When our support team member is helping you, in order to guide and use your mouse we will request control of your PC. When prompted, select Allow.

  5. To stop allowing full control, select Cancel control.

If you don't already have Quick Assist, go to the Microsoft Store and install.