Public Aware

The CMS you never need to worry about keeping up to date or secure. It's a fully managed subscription based system that includes design and maintenance. That's right! No need to hire a designer or a developer to use Public Aware... we will take care of that for you.

Public Aware CMS was originally created as a Content Management System for public services, it can also meet the needs of businesses, organizations in need of a high-performing website. Built using Microsoft ASP.NET and SQL Server technology, our content management system consists of database-driven web applications developed specifically for maximizing website management efficiency. With this affordable solution, our clients are able to become directly involved in using their website as an online tool to facilitate their business functions and customer relationships.


  • Publish more content to your web sites, more frequently
  • Engage more team members in the content creation process
  • Reduced costs over equivalent installed solutions
  • Publish to a wide variety of formats with ease
  • Professional support and service our clients routinely rave about

Easily Manage Your Website Content

Public Aware provides content management software that is so easy to use that most users spend less than two hours learning it. Without any web training, coding knowledge or special classes, anyone can keep your website up-to-date with fresh content, new information, or specials.


  • Content Editor
  • Agenda/Minutes Management
  • Staff/Board
  • Page Management
  • Quick Links
  • Auto Generated Navigation
  • News Releases
  • Document Management
  • User Management
  • Contact Forms
  • Author Collaboration
  • Content Scheduling
  • SEO & Site Analytics
  • Many Add On Features!

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