Public Aware CMS

Public Aware CMS

A Client-Driven Solution
Public Aware CMS is our premiere product, which was created to meet the needs of businesses and organizations in need of a high-performing website.  With this affordable solution, our clients are able to become directly involved in using their website as an online tool to facilitate their business functions and customer relationships.


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Credible Web Presence
We realize that most successful and growing businesses are not satisfied with the results they get from their outdated static brochure website.  Users expect a website to interact with them so they can quickly find answers.  They want relevant information that is updated frequently, pages that are easy to navigate and read, and simple contact forms that work.  They want to do business with organizations they can trust.  A credible web presence is an important component in creating that critical first impression on a potential client or customer who is comparing you to your competitors right now.

Technology Investment
One of the comments we hear from our clients who are making a technology investment is their concern that rapid industry changes will make their solution obsolete within a few months or a year.  Carefully designed into the structure of the Public Aware product is a framework that allows our programmers to upgrade the backend of your website with regular upgrades to adapt to web standards advancements, search engine and marketing evolutions, and improved interactive features.  By using our subscription solution, your site will never become outdated or obsolete

Graphic Appeal
Many of our clients choose to enhance the graphic appeal and overall look of their website frequently to remain consistent with their print marketing materials and campaigns.  With our solution content is separate from design, which is separate from functionality.  Our clients can make significant design upgrades to their website quickly and for very little cost.  This is one of the biggest advantages of using Public Aware.

Content Management
The most significant reason for choosing Public Aware is that it provides content management software that is so easy to use that most users spend less than two hours learning it.  The best compliment we hear from our clients is that they don't have to spend much time using our product because they are getting their work done.  The user interface is very familiar to Microsoft Windows users.  The editor for maintaining page content is similar to Microsoft Word.  Without any web training, coding knowledge or special classes your administrative assistant, marketing manager, or anyone can keep your website up-to-date with fresh content, new information, or specials. 

Subscription Web Solutions - 
Public Aware empowers your organization to manage your Web content and online relationships affordably.

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Commitment to Service
Public Aware is committed to providing ongoing service and support long after "launch day".  As new components and feature upgrades are developed and released, members receive them automatically according to their chosen level of service.  Premium package members receive all new enhancements.  

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