Email Setup Support

Need help getting your email account working?

Follow these guides to setup and configure email for your iFocus Hosted email accounts. These documents will allow you to setup any devices that supports SMTP and POP/ IMAP.

Both standard and encrypted (SSL) communication is supported for connection to your email account.

Web-Based Email:

Outlook Setup pdf Document 
Mac Mail Setup  pdf Document
iPhone/ iPad Setup pdf Document 

Connection Type Server Name Standard Port SSL Port
SMTP SERVER: 25 or 2525 465
POP3 SERVER: 110 995
IMAP SERVER: 143 993

* Outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication.

I receive my email but can't send out. Why?!
Please verify that you are following the required settings found in the above setup documentation. When email cant be sent it is most often because in most email software you must manually setup the advanced settings and check a box for "Outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication."  Other times you must edit the SMTP or OUTGOING SETTINGS and re-enter your email password.