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Consulting Services

We provide a wide array of software support services

Our team can work with you to perform CJIS network auditing, and provide consulting to interface with your IT department to ensure your secure Public Safety environment is compliant. Our consulting recommendations will include hardware and software upgrade options including network environment diagrams and proposed initiatives. For smaller public safety agencies our consulting staff can act as your outsourced IT department to provide budgetary information and ongoing recommendations for IT projects.

Our JusticeConnect Consulting services can be provided on an as-needed basis or included with an annual contract providing specific environmental continuity services.

Network Monitoring

Effectively manage your network performance and optimise your resources with our network monitoring services.

Software / Hardware Recommendations

We will recommend the optimum hardware and software configuration to get you off to the right start.

IT Budgeting Consulting

iFocus can provide IT Budgeting consulting services, leveraging technology to plan and forecast objectively, quickly, and accurately, and strengthen your overall performance.

CJIS Compliance Consulting

iFocus helps public agencies achieve and demonstrate compliance within the key provisions of various CJIS Security Policy areas.

MDM and Software Deployment

Our cloud-based Mobile Device Management solution enables us to secure and control devices. Giving you greater flexibility and control over your deployments.

Offsite Archival Solutions

Reduce the cost and complexity whilst achieving efficiency and scalability of data storage by securely extending your on-premises backup storage and data archiving solutions to the cloud.

Disaster Recovery Plans

We can help you develop recovery strategies to restore hardware, applications and data in time to meet the needs of the business recovery.

Network Auditing

We can provide network auditing services to analyze, study and gather data about your network, with the purpose of ascertaining its health.

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What is ?

The platform providing mobility solutions to RMS/CAD data through iOS/ Android/ Web Apps.

Justice Connect Features Justice Connect

Software As A Service (SAAS)

In addition to Consulting Services, JusticeConnect provides a robust solution for mobile and remote CAD/RMS users. Provides secure access for viewing Master Name, Incident, Ticket, and Dispatch data using iOS, Android and Web Based Apps.

Built with integrated Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) services - your units will automatically be viewable by other app users within your agency and from a desktop version running within your command and Dispatch center. The AVL data can also be sent with our API to other third-party software systems. Contact us to engage in a consulting project for integration services.


Designed as an API and web services platform

The JusticeConnect Server connects with CJIS compliant encryption to your Microsoft SQL database that stores your Public Safety CAD/RMS software.

Microsoft Azure Government

The JusticeConnect SAAS platform is located within a dedicated Microsoft Azure Government application environment. Agency CJIS data is stored and dynamically served from your secure agency facility and made accessible through the JusticeConnect Apps. 

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